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Making production volumes of small complex, machined parts.

CNC Swiss Parts Production

Pioneer Service is equipped to provide production quantities of Swiss machined parts from the thousands to millions per year. From medical to automotive, to electrical and countless other industries, we have the equipment, expertise, capital and flexibility to meet market demands for Swiss precision machined parts needs. We’ll work with you from the prototype stage through proof of quality (including PPAP’s, if needed) and into a program that ensures you have the inventory needed to meet demand.

Swiss machining is a great way to make a lot of small, precise parts cost-effectively. When we make a Swiss part, there’s an up-front investment, so the cost per piece goes down significantly with higher quantities. Every job is programmed into the CNC controls and certain tooling may need to be purchased. Some parts have special threads and other features that may require special inspection gauges. When getting a quote for a prototype, also consider a quote for the production quantities as well. You may be surprised to see how much lower the price per piece goes.


We can hold inventory on our shelf at agreed upon quantities. We can hold cushion inventory for emergencies if that is helpful for your business. We price at the EAU quantity, not the release quantity, so you get the best volume price and don’t needlessly fill up your warehouse. We expand and contract to support your needs. We know our job is to keep you up and running.

You can call it KANBAN, a blanket order with releases or Just-In-Time delivery. No matter what the name, you can count on Pioneer Service to provide the machined parts you need, when you need them, in a program that works for your company.


  • 10 mm (.393″) OD Swiss Screw Machines
  • 20 mm (.787″) OD Swiss Screw Machines
  • 32 mm (1.25″) OD Swiss Screw Machines

The size range of our machines gives us the flexibility to put the right size part on a machine best suited for it. Our equipment also has a variety of attachments and configurations to maximize the efficiency of production.


Pioneer Service is an AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified company that provides quality documentation such as first article inspections, PPAP’s and more to meet our customer’s requirements. When you request your quote, please specify what type of documentation that you require. For more information on our quality department, click here.

For more examples of Swiss Parts visit:

Photo Gallery of Swiss Parts

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“We received your shipment of XXX-XXX. They look great and everything seems to be in spec. They also perform really well which is a huge deal for us as it's given us clarity for our upcoming product release. Thanks again for the quick turn around and all your help!”
Chris H.- Product Development
“Thank you Eric! You have saved our reputation.I am really happy that we will be able to ship them tomorrow. Thank you !!!!!!!!”
Gregory K.- Instrumentation
“You guys are the best!Thank you all for your prompt replies and support. You continue to impress me.”
Mike U.- Aerospace/Defense Company
“Thank you Eric! You have saved our reputation.I am really happy that we will be able to ship them tomorrow. Thank you !!!!!!!!”
Gregory K.- Instrumentation
“We are very pleased with the outcome of the first bushing Pioneer Service produced. I sent an e-mail to James Sass and informed him we will be sending a second bushing we will be needing.”
David M.- Firearms Manufacturer
“My compliments to you and the team for hitting a home run!”
Gene D.- Automotive Aftermarket Manufacturer
“Attached is the new PO … You guys are doing a great job and on time delivery and quality are superb. Keep up the good work.”
Eric H.- Power Industry
“I see your commitment to quality and your deliveries are excellent. I look forward to continue building this relationship.”
Brad D.- Oil & Gas
“I am pleased to let you know that everything was perfect. The documentation was solid, the parts were all within specifications, and they assembled as designed. Not even a single part was out of spec. !”
Scott L.- Medical Device Mfg.
“We got the parts in yesterday afternoon. I opened the box and checked out a few and they looked GREAT! Thanks for all your help, and please pass along our gratitude to your crew as well! AND … thanks for doing such a nice job on the packaging, too.”
Todd K.- Furniture Mfg.
We have been purchasing shafts for our electric motors from Pioneer Service for decades. Pioneer is one of the best, if not the best, supplier of any product we have ever had. Their consistent quality, aggressive pricing and fast response time is unmatched!
Dave B.- Operations Mgr/Sub-fractional AC Motors
Pioneer Service has been a long time supplier and our plants use millions of Pioneer shafts per year. We have had ZERO quality or delivery issues with Pioneer. Forecasting, in our industry, is very difficult and we know we can always rely on Pioneer to expedite our rush orders!
Mike S.- Commodity Mgr/Electric Motors Mfg.
“Pioneer Service…fast quotes, clear communication, good quality, attractive pricing. One of my best vendors!”
Jay B.- Manufacturing Job Shop