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Q: What is the difference between CNC turning and milling?

Both are types of machining. Turning refers to machining bar or tube stock (referred to as the “work piece”) with static tooling as it rotates while it is clamped by a collet. Milling refers to machining done to a static work piece with tooling that is moving or “live”. We refer to “turned parts” to include those that are turned with or with milled features. Our CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machines perform both turning and milling operations. This capability mitigates the need for costly secondary machining operations, and also allows parts to have features that need to be timed, or registered, to one another. Click to see several examples of turned parts we make.

Q: What is the difference between a lathe, a screw machine, a turning center, and a Swiss lathe?

In its simplest form, a lathe is a machine that makes turned parts from bar stock, but without any milling capability. Screw machines, turning centers, and Swiss lathes are lathes that have the ability to turn and mill parts. Turning centers and Swiss lathes can typically make more complicated parts, and hold tighter tolerances, than screw machines. And Swiss lathes can machine smaller parts and thinner, longer parts than other types of lathes. Pioneer Service has all three turning machine platforms to accommodate a broad spectrum of part designs.

Q: What type of parts does Pioneer Service make? What services do you offer?

Pioneer Service manufactures custom metal and plastic parts from bar or tube stock. The machining we perform includes turning and/or milling. In addition to machining, we also offer two types of centerless OD grinding. See the list of examples of part descriptions we manufacture.

Q: Are you AS9100 or ISO certified?

Yes, we are AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified and our registrar is NSF International. Click here to download the most current certificate(s).

Q: What industries do you serve?

Our customers range from OEMs to Product Development firms to Distributors to Contract Assemblers and are involved with almost every industry imaginable. A few of them are mentioned here.

Q: What type of inspection equipment do you have?

In addition to standard equipment, including optical comparators, plug gages, ring gages, and thread gages, we also two types of automated Visual Inspection Systems. The Oasis Vision System allows us to very quickly check parts and determine if dimensions are in spec or not with red/green/yellow indicators. Our Micro-Vu Vertex Measuring Center allows us to upload CAD files of parts so that we can measure either one or several pieces of a given part at a time, allowing us to transfer measurement readings into SPC reporting format. This allows our Quality Inspectors to verify First Article and in-process inspections as quickly as possible. Visit our Quality page for more information.

Q: Where are your customers located?

We have been serving our customers located throughout North America for over 25 years. We ship our customers’ product via any mode they want, including FedEx, UPS, and common carrier.

Q: What is the smallest quantity you make? What is the largest quantity you make?

We make parts in quantities ranging from 1 piece to over 1 million pieces per year, and everything in between. In other words, no quantity is too small or too large for us. We enjoy a mix of proof-of-concept, prototype and production parts, so you should consider us for any size job.

Q: What is the smallest part you can make? What is the largest part you can make?

The simplest answer to both questions is that it depends on several factors. In general, though, we are able to machine parts with minor ODs as small as 2mm (.080”) and major ODs as large as 200mm (8”). Rather than guess, though, we highly recommend that you contact our technical sales staff to review your part needs as early in the design cycle as possible.

Q: What information do you need to quote my part?

We understand that in many cases you may not have all the information at hand to quote a part. At a minimum, though, we would appreciate receiving:
• A fully dimensioned print, drawing, sketch (preferably in a pdf format) and/or CAD file (we work with SolidWorks.)
• The raw material(s) specified
• Any necessary secondary operations, including heat treating, plating or finishing specifications
• Any customer specifications that may apply; such as 1st Article Inspection, PPAP requirements, material and outside process certificates required
• The quantities you want us to quote
• Any other background information that would be helpful, including target pricing or lead-times required.

Q: Can you help me engineer my part?

Designing parts is technically outside the scope of our ISO registration as a contract manufacturer, but we offer and encourage our customers to rely on us for part Design for Manufacturability (DFM). Simply put, you understand the design intent of your part.

Q: How quickly can I expect to receive your quote for my part?

We understand that the proverbial “early bird gets the worm”, and so we work to be the first to provide you a quotation. In order to serve you best, let us know when you need to receive our quotation and provide your contact information in case we have any questions or recommendations.

Q: What is your standard delivery lead-time for prototype parts? For production parts?

There is no such thing as a “standard delivery lead-time” since every part number is inherently unique, but our Sales Team is available to quickly review your part to estimate how quickly we can machine and deliver it. Request a Quote

Q: Do you accept credit cards for payment?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards for payment, including American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

Q: What are your standard credit terms?

Our standard credit terms are Net30 1%10 for approved customers. Simply request, complete and return our Credit Application, and we will let you know your credit status after we review your Application and contact your credit/trade references. Sometimes, to expedite a first time order while waiting for trade references, we accept a 30% of order value payment on the credit card.

Q: Do you offer First Article Inspection (FAI) reporting and PPAPs (Production Part Approval Process)?

We do offer FAI reporting and PPAPs for parts we make. Please let us know your specific QA reporting needs with your RFQ so we can incorporate it into our quotation, additional charges may apply.

Q: Do you offer vendor-managed inventory (VMI) programs?

Take advantage of our customized inventory programs to meet your production supply chain needs. Our Sales Team is available to discuss our in-house VMI options for any number of production part numbers.

Q: Can I get a tour of your operations?

Absolutely. We encourage you to visit us so you can meet our team and see our capabilities first-hand. Simply call us at 630-628-0249 or email by filling out our form at Contact Us.

Q: Are you a Certified Diversity Supplier?

Yes, we are a certified woman owned and operated business and are referred to as a woman business enterprise (WBE) and a woman-owned small business (WOSB). You can download certificates here.

Q: What can I expect when I work with Pioneer Service?

As our customer, you can expect to receive the highest value, quality parts delivered on time…from people who thoroughly appreciate your business and are a pleasure to work with.

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“We received your shipment of XXX-XXX. They look great and everything seems to be in spec. They also perform really well which is a huge deal for us as it's given us clarity for our upcoming product release. Thanks again for the quick turn around and all your help!”
Chris H.- Product Development
“Thank you Eric! You have saved our reputation.I am really happy that we will be able to ship them tomorrow. Thank you !!!!!!!!”
Gregory K.- Instrumentation
“You guys are the best!Thank you all for your prompt replies and support. You continue to impress me.”
Mike U.- Aerospace/Defense Company
“Thank you Eric! You have saved our reputation.I am really happy that we will be able to ship them tomorrow. Thank you !!!!!!!!”
Gregory K.- Instrumentation
“We are very pleased with the outcome of the first bushing Pioneer Service produced. I sent an e-mail to James Sass and informed him we will be sending a second bushing we will be needing.”
David M.- Firearms Manufacturer
“My compliments to you and the team for hitting a home run!”
Gene D.- Automotive Aftermarket Manufacturer
“Attached is the new PO … You guys are doing a great job and on time delivery and quality are superb. Keep up the good work.”
Eric H.- Power Industry
“I see your commitment to quality and your deliveries are excellent. I look forward to continue building this relationship.”
Brad D.- Oil & Gas
“I am pleased to let you know that everything was perfect. The documentation was solid, the parts were all within specifications, and they assembled as designed. Not even a single part was out of spec. !”
Scott L.- Medical Device Mfg.
“We got the parts in yesterday afternoon. I opened the box and checked out a few and they looked GREAT! Thanks for all your help, and please pass along our gratitude to your crew as well! AND … thanks for doing such a nice job on the packaging, too.”
Todd K.- Furniture Mfg.
We have been purchasing shafts for our electric motors from Pioneer Service for decades. Pioneer is one of the best, if not the best, supplier of any product we have ever had. Their consistent quality, aggressive pricing and fast response time is unmatched!
Dave B.- Operations Mgr/Sub-fractional AC Motors
Pioneer Service has been a long time supplier and our plants use millions of Pioneer shafts per year. We have had ZERO quality or delivery issues with Pioneer. Forecasting, in our industry, is very difficult and we know we can always rely on Pioneer to expedite our rush orders!
Mike S.- Commodity Mgr/Electric Motors Mfg.
“Pioneer Service…fast quotes, clear communication, good quality, attractive pricing. One of my best vendors!”
Jay B.- Manufacturing Job Shop